The Company

Momento Italiano grows from the passion for the best Italian espresso and the volition of its founder, Domenico Cilenti.  He wants to bring the most excellent coffee directly to consumer's homes.  Domenico has a long familial tradition in food service and a profound knowledge of International trade, So he decided to divulge the real Italian espresso art and to introduce an exclusive system which guarantees the highest quality in every step, from production to delivery. 


Mission Statement

The mission statement of Momento Italiano is to spread the original  Italian espresso with a new standard quality all over the world; that is  to say, using the best raw materials and offering a reliable and  punctual service for the customers. For this reason, Momento Italiano  has developed a system made of coffee machines and a large selection of mono-dose capsules which can satisfy everyone’s taste. Thanks to a  prompt and flawless customer service, receiving the real Italian  espresso directly at home will be easy and quick. 



 The quality care of Momento Italiano results from the awareness of  continuing an excellent tradition. This quality care is present in each  work stage, from the raw materials selection and the choice of the most  reliable and innovative technologies, to the delivery to the customer.

 This is an essential value and it involves precise ethical choices  aimed at improving the life of everyone who is participating in our  project.

For this reason Momento Italiano has decided to embrace  the “Beyond Fair Trade”, choosing a mono-origin coffee from Doi Chaang  for its blend called Carisma. This is a top quality Arabica coffee,  which is produced in Thailand, in a wild area where a solidarity project  is going on. On the slopes of the mountains protected by the moist  forest Doi Chaang, the best Arabica is cultivated. This is thanks to the  re conversion of the land which was used for opium plantation, and the  initiative of John Darch from Canada. In Doi Chaang the farmers are paid  more than Fair Trade and they get the 50% of the profits as business  partners. Thanks to this project, the plantation productivity is  considerably increased, to the benefit of the local population and a  stronger fair trade. 

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